PSA Campaign: Send Cash, Save Lives

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  • PSA Campaign: Send Cash, Save Lives
    March 2014

    Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are public interest messages that seek to raise awareness or change behavior with regard to social issues. PSAs were first used widely on the radio in WWII. Graphic design is incorporated into PSAs as posters, billboards, television, video, and printed advertisements. I created a PSA campaign that includes print graphics, a sharable digital graphic with animation (gif), and bumper stickers for the 2014 PSAid Contest. 
    The topic for this contest is how to practice "smart compassion" in support of disaster relief overseas. When disaster strikes in a faraway place, many people want to help; the best way to help is to make a cash donation to an effective relief organization. It is misguided (if well-meaning) to send toys, blankets, food, or prescription drugs to relief workers or stricken communities. Such donations often go unused and are a burden to receive, store, and distribute. The goal of the PSA campaign is to inform and engage the public on effective donations.

    미국에서는 다른 재난 국가에게 구호물품을 보내는 대신 모금 (현금)이 더 실질적이고 효과적인 방법이라고 말합니다.

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