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Connected - Visual identity

2019.02.09 | 그래픽 디자인 · 영상/모션그래픽 · 캐릭터 디자인
  • APR 2016
    YUNTECH Visual Communication Design Graduate Exhibition - CONNECTED

  • We give thought on the relationship between communication design and the society. Society is consisted of people and design ought to be the connection among people. The accurate expressions can shorten the distance between individuals and the society can have more power by this cohesion. 
    By our designs, the third party ”they” transformed into part of the participants and become “you.” Furthermore, more individuals come together and “we” have formed by participating. Therefore, we named our exhibition as ”Connected” (Literal translation-They , you and we in Chinese). Other than expressing the process from being strangers to acquaintances and this further indicates the social cohesion hidden in our designs.

  • Visual design 

    From the Chinese characters, “亻human” can be found in all three words “你我他 you, I and he/she (singular form for 你們我們他們you, we and they).” This is the core value of this exhibition -connecting individuals and become a group. 
    Among the visual designs, using typography makes visual design. We extend the concept of “他你我 He/she, you and I.” There are 3 different parts from the inside out on the poster. We deconstruct the Chinese characters “He/she, you and I” and then reorganize it using Swiss design style. We make “He/she, you and I” to have a direction expressing the process from “they” become “we ”

    In Chinese, when expressing “they, you and we” It can simply be done by adding one character “們” at the end of “He/she, you and I他你我.” On the poster, the character”們“ is on the far right and “he/she, you and I 他你我” stand out in the middle. As for the post deconstructed form of “he/she, you and I他你我”character stands on the far left.



  • We use luminescent paint partially on the print showing the slogan “the social cohesion hidden in our designs.”


  • Catalogue

    In the catalogue, we use loose paper along with flyers we will be handing out. For the paper, we use Matt-Art paper imported from Japan and matt coating on the surface so it’s easier to read. In terms of the size, we use different size of papers so that it’s more fun. PVC bags that come with the brochure can be used for collecting flyers from the show. 


  • Badges

    We use angle cutting in visual design to make it more chic. Coordinating with the three different themes in this exhibition, the badges are divided into 3 parts and different colours is to distinguish the staff from different part of the exhibition.


  • Brochure

    Just like newspaper as media, spreading out the message connecting the society and the users.  We use LWC paper of which the texture is similar to newspaper for the DM of the exhibition; on top of that, we punched 6 holes on the DMs so it’d easier to collect with the brochures.


  • Extra Info.

    Project|2016 Visual Communication Design Graduate Exhibition - CONNECTED
    School|Department of Visual Communication Design, YunTech
    Concept| Rosa Ma、Damee Wu、Marilyn Liu、Winfred Leon、Jingcian Ho
    Graphic Design|Winfred Leon
    Copywriter|Marilyn Liu
    Motion Design|Damee Wu、 Kiki Hu
    Catalogue|Rosa Ma、Marilyn Liu、Winfred Leon
    Display|Jingcian Ho
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