Jooyoung Joung

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NFM Lending
2019.04.11 | 그래픽 디자인 · 브랜딩/편집
  • Year : 2017, 2018
    DepartmentNFM Marketing Team
    Role : Branding / Design Concept / Motion Graphic / Videography / Photography
    Tools Used : Adobe Creative Suite 
    NFM Lending is a multi-state lender with offices throughout the United States. But their brand wasn’t as premium as their product. I was a full-time graphic designer at NFM Lending and created their new brand Identity, collateral designs, operating assets, and promotional videos. New brand identity and design assets were used from the Ohio office as well as a couple of other states. This increased their loan processing efficiency about 20% higher as well as their program recognition in the local real estate market.
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