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2021.05.26 | 브랜딩/편집 · UI/UX
  • Pixel은 제가 미대 졸업 작품으로 시작과 끝을 맺은 첫 UI/UX 프로젝트 입니다. 

    온라인상에 있는 문제점을 파악, 유저들에 대한 리서치 후 모바일 앱을 만들어 유저 테스트까지 마친 프로젝트 입니다.

    비록 영어로 작성되어 있지만 재밌게 봐주세요!

  • How can I improve the online experience of female-identifying users when buying/ selling in a tight-knit community?

  • The “Female Room of Requirement” is a Facebook group page created in 2019 by a student at NYUAD as an initiative to provide a safe space for female-identifying students to ask and share about all types of female issues. The private group currently consists of 940 female-identifying students on campus at NYUAD and the number continues to grow till this day.


    Due to a small sample size, I carried out a short criteria seeking survey (screener survey) to find people to interview for an hour. Screener survey helped me get insights to user experience from people who fit the precise criteria I had designed:

    1. Students who have had experience buying and/or selling products on “Female RoR” in the last year.

    2. Students who use mobile phones to buy and/ or sell products on “Female RoR”.

    3. Students who have had neutral to very inconvenient online experiences buying and/ or selling products on “Female RoR”.


  • Persona

    In order to focus the feature development on the users, I created two personas which were fictional characters based on in-depth interviews I had carried out.

  • User Journey Map

  • Affinity Mapping

    Process: After carrying out surveys and in-depth interviews with the participants, I jotted down key words and ideas onto a series of post-it notes, then rearranged them into unique clusters. After the clusters were formed, I assigned “bigger” keywords to categorize them.

    Take away: I was overwhelmed with all the information I had gathered from user research but affinity mapping helped me declutter the tangled ideas into a systemized series of categories I needed to focus on.

  • Final Product

  • Final Take away:

    During the design process, I learned that the answers to most of the questions about how the most effective and user-friendly design can be achieved were in users. For example, I had assumed that the users would read the instruction about the new feature on the app, but this mistake emerged as I did my first user test. This helped me understand how important user tests are in producing an optimal user experience. 
    Immersing myself in the research and the design process from a UIUX perspective helped me understand the importance of user experience in digital products and how UIUX does not only provide the user with a delightful experience but also brings value to the business.
    This project showcased how much a user-centered design can improve the user’s emotional experience, and I look forward to applying the same approach in my future projects.

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