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  • In a frequent interactions with others and publicity is often, the world that people currently live to impress others of their clothes and act out of their true selves. However, even in this world, there are people who hold true to their beliefs, mentality, style, and actions. These people who are different from “normal” people have been referred to as a Geek. However, respecting these Geeks, I plan to present a toy to express these Geeks. These Geeks hold unique idea of norm, unique race, unique age, and even disabilities. I believe these views that other people see as “weird”, “disgusting” should be viewed as “special”, “fun”, “cute”. In our world, there exists about 1~2% of people who hold green-colored eyes and they hold their own belief that only 1~2% of people have. Also, a singer, Jason Mraz, wrote a song namedGeek in the pink, brought out an inspiration to me to bring forth a world of Mean Like Pink. Due to creation from manually through hands, these toys hold irregular balance within itself. They even show ugly parts that may seem disapproving. All these details express incomplete existence that the Geeks hold within our world.


    남들과 접촉이 잦고 노출이 쉽게되는 요즘 세상에서 과하게 꾸미  남에게 보여주기 위해 옷을 입고 행동하는 사람들이넘쳐난다하지만 자기만의 확고한 정신세계와 스타일가치관을 가지고  는사람들이 있다일반사람들과는 조금은 다른 그들은 일반 사람 들이 보기에 이상해 보이고 오타쿠 혹은 Geek(괴짜)라고 부른다하지만 평소 이들을 존중하고 동경해온 작가는 이들을 토이로  현해 내고자 하였다 주류의 스타일인종나이 심지어는 장애 까지도 말이다작가는 그들을 남들이 바라보는 시선이 '이상하다' '꺼려진다 아닌 '독특하다' '재미있다' '귀엽다' 비틀어 표현 한다그들(MLP)만이 가진 독특한 정신세계와 가치관을 스타일과 눈동자 색으로 표현해 내었다전세계인들   1~2%만이 가지 있다는 초록색 눈동자는 그들의 1~2%적인 가치관을 함축하고 있다또한 작가는 Jason Mraz - Geek in the pink에서영감을 얻어 이들이 사는 세계를 Mean Like Pink  표현했다손작업 으로 만들어낸 토이들은 대칭적이지도균형잡힌 비율을 가지고있 지도 않고 어색하거나 심지어는 삐뚤빼둘한 부분도 있다이것들 또한 완전하지않은 그들의 존재를 표현해 부분이기도 하다

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