Melody Jung
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Hello! My name is Melody Jung and I'm a graphic designer living in Seoul, South Korea. I specialize in logo design and brand identity design, and I offer my services to businesses of all sizes around the world. 

I am passionate about brands with unique stories. I love to be involved in the entire design phase, from conception to execution to production. I especially like to create simple, minimalistic designs with a touch of color.

I value the beauty in simplicity and believe that design plays a major role in molding our cultures and impacts every aspect of our lives. I am grateful that I found something that stimulates me every day and that I never get bored of: Design. 

My mission is to help your dreams to come true; to facilitate and support and to see you succeed through my visual works. 

When I am not sitting in front of my monitor, you will find me swiping through RSS feeds on my iPhone during a subway commute, or practicing semi-elegant ballet moves in a studio, or obsessing over new book covers in a bookstore in Gangnam.