Starfy Adventure

2020.09.11 | 산업 디자인
  • Kornhill Plaza X Raccoon Factory 

    2018 홍콩 할로윈 백화점 팝업 이벤트


    <Starfy Adventure>

    Kornhill Plaza X Raccoon Factory 
    2018 / 9 / 29 - 10 / 31 
    Kornhill Plaza – Hong Kong
    The RACCOON FACTORY is a character brand runs by two Korean character designers.

    Starfy is one of the character under RACCOON FACTORY, Starfy is a free transform starfish living with all of us over the world.
    Starfy likes to play and makes fun to all the people all around the world,
    this year Starfy comes to Hong Kong and transformed to little Vampire, let’s follow Starfy to starts the Starfy Adventure at Kornhill Plaza.
    Please be careful, Starfy may be transformed into Pink or blue or in difference colors or shapes, don’t miss out….may be one of the Starfy nearby

    Let’s GO!! 


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