3D ASMR Illustration : Lunar rest stop


    60" ASMR Illustration Video : Lunar rest stop
    Lucy&Judy are best friends born at the same time on the same day :)
    Looking at Judy's soft ankle hair,
    Judy also wear white boots on both hands and feet.

    - It was a quiet evening sky that the eclipse came to.

    - They couldn't see the moon that always followed them today.
    월식이 찾아온 고요한 어느 저녁 하늘이었어요.
    항상 루시와 주디를 따라오던 달님이 오늘따라 보이질 않았어요.

    - Lucy and Judy decided to look for the moon after seeing that it was hidden.
    - The baby stars formed the Milky Way above the grass, as if they were trying to tell us where the moon is.
    루시와 주디는 달이 모습을 감춘 걸 보고 달을 찾아 나서기로 했답니다.
    달의 위치를 알려주려는 듯 아기별들이 풀숲 위 은하수를 이루고 있었어요.

    - When they crossed the lake in a leaf boat along the stars, 
    they could find a rest stop made of books.
    - There were big moons, baby moons, and stars resting, emitting soft light.
    아이들이 별들을 따라 나뭇잎 배를 타고 호수를 건너자 책으로 만든 아지트를 발견할 수 있었어요.
    그 곳에는 큰 달과 아기달, 별들이 은은한 빛을 내뿜으며 쉬고 있었어요.

    - "You've come, we've all been waiting!"
    - "Do you know us?"
    - "Of course, your bright laughter has always been our milestone."
    “너희들 왔구나, 기다리고 있었어!” 
    “우리를 알고 있니?”
    “당연하지, 항상 너희의 밝은 웃음소리가 우리의 이정표가 되어줬는걸.”

    - "You've always had a hard time shining brightly. Take a rest here any time."
    - On the day of the eclipse, Judy and Rudy, the moon and the stars had a secret rest area.
    오늘도 하루종일 반짝이느라 수고했어요.
    달님 쉼터에서 잠깐 쉬었다 가세요. :)

    3D Character Concept Art / Lunar rest stop
    3D 캐릭터 컨셉아트 프로젝트 / 달빛 쉼터 이야기
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     Lunar rest stop Full ver.
    : A video clip for your comfortable sleep :)
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