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Mass game, 2015

  • Mass game

    July 2015

    A3, posters

    Self initiated project in Central Saint martins

    In North Korea, individuals exist as the one of nation. it is a totalitarianism. this is a perfectly synchronised orgy of state worship that requires the total sacrifice of the individual for the group. More than a million man-hours are required to assemble the Games to foster the socialist values of team work, order, and obedience.

    Mass games developed alongside 19th century nationalist movements such the Czech Sokol movement, German Massenturnen show, Rumania and Bulgaria.Today, mass games are regularly performed only in North Korea, where they take place to celebrate national holidays such as the birthdays of rulers Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il. In recent years, they have been the main attraction of the Arirang Festival in Pyongyang every year.the Arirang Mass Games were recognised by Guinness World Records as the biggest event of its kind.

    Mass Games can basically be described as a synchronized socialist-realist spectacular, featuring over 100,000 participants in a 90-minute display of gymnastics, dance, acrobatics, and dramatic performance, accompanied by music and other effects, all wrapped in a highly politicized package. The 90 minute performance features the 'largest picture in the world' a giant mosaic of individual people each holding a book whose pages links with their neighbours’ to make up one gigantic scene. When they turn the pages the scene or individual elements of the scene change, up to 170 pages make up one book.

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