B-code, 13-code


    B-Code, 13-Code
    Nov 2014
    Project in Central Saint Martins

    The barcode makes the simplicity of data and minimization of data error as well as speed and cost reduction. Also it helps to control the products with coding information. So, I found a key word, ‘Control’ I applied to human this concept. In the novel, 1984 by George Orwell, it described that human was contorlled by Bic brother. 'Big brother is watching you'. this literary piece was visionary and ahead of its time.

    Still relevant even today as we edge closer to a World of CCTV surveillance, satellites and robotic state. The aspect concerning 1984 is that the relentless vision is slowly becoming a reality. This project shows that Bic Brother, government controls human as giving ID code. Actually, Both barcode and ID code have same purpose and function. The both are consisted 13 number. They are made for the supervision and management in the system. Human is like product.
    It is inevitable 13 number in ID after our birth. We have been controlled by goverment, BicBrother.
    However, if it can not avoid it, we should have chooseable right as human, We will do recreate our code on the ID card
    It would actually be expression of freedom and right to choice. We are not the a machine but we are human.
    I suggested to ondinary people to new ID card designed with the system of barcode. It shows that ID code appears to control the human like barcode.
    but, it is expression of freedom and chooable right of human as participating it themselves
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