Watchface store for Android wear

2년 전 / 그래픽 디자인 · UI/UX

  • We created this project to make fashionable watchface store for Android wear. There are no specific watchface store in market now. So we found needs about attractive platform to buy watchfaces on the smartphone.
    Wearable devices market is increasing for example Samsung Gear, Moto360, LG G-watch, Apple watch and Pebble. In 2014 Google i/o, they launched Android wear os. So then, people downloaded android wear app 500,000 times.

    People want wearable device to be fashion item. Wearable device has a short life cycle because it has a feature of fashion item. We wanted to create new ecosystem that can be expand on the device.

    Smart watch has not to seem to be like machine, but seem to be real fashion watch. But there are no appropriate place to buy such items on the android market. So we considered a new mobile store which sells only beautiful and useful watchfaces. Through this store, people can buy favorite watchfaces such as real brand watches and functional watches. For example, the former could be a ROLEX, BVLGARI, IWC and so on. And the latter could be linked with the services like Expedia, Amex card, United airlines, and 
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